Is Pacquiao Serious About This Fight?

I ask this question because I can see how Pacquiao usually prepare for a big fight. He usually talks about it, make early preparations about it and really focus on the fight. Now, it seems that there's a lot of distractions and they are:
  1. His political "dream." It is a great buzz today that he is planning to get a congressional sit in Saranggani Philippines.
  2. His newest TV Show which is entitled "Show me the Manny" which can be watched on GMA TV
  3. The war in Mindanao which the government asked for him to be a Peacemaker.
Well, just in case he is affected and distracted by these events in his life, it will be a good signal for Cotto. But is this possible in Pacquiao's world? Maybe, maybe not!

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