Pacquiao Taking Steroids?

Pacquiao taking steroids? What? This is the shocking news I have read recently that Floyd Mayweather Sr. is trying to say that the pound for pound king is taking steroids. This is the news that welcomed Pacquiao when he come back in the Philippines from the promotional tour for his fight against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. He was really annoyed by this news and even said that they are studying the legal action that will be applied on this irresponsible and unconfirmed statement of Mayweather Sr., the trainer of Ricky Hatton.

A lot of reactions from the camp of Pacquiao was released including the reaction of his coach/trainer, Freddie Roach. Roach said in an interview "You know, these guys come up with reason why they lost. They lost because Floyd Sr sucks as trainer and I had the better fighter."

Now what can say about this accusation, is there really a possibility that the people's choice and loved boxer of all time is really taking steroids to enhance his physique? For me, I honestly don't believe on this. I believe that Pacquiao did work hard to reach what he got today and I think it is unfair for him to be treated this way. What about you what you think?

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