Determination of Cotto Will Make Him Win Against Pacquiao

I've read this interesting editorial about the current fight: Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto this Nov. 14 and it discusses how the determination of Cotto will bring him the victory that he wants. People that supporting Cotto believes that this strong will to win will definitely make him defend his belt and will be called as the champion on the world of boxing. Here's the said article and let me know afterwards, what your thoughts about this:

WBO champion Miguel Cotto is now preparing for the hottest fight of his career against the pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. He is determined and he is training hard for this fight to beat Pac-man. He has to train for thirteen weeks under his new trainer Joe Santiago. Miguel Cotto said, He's not like Dela Hoya or Ricky Hatton, they know what will happen if Cotto is in the ring.

I think he is going to prove that on Nov 14. As some sources stated, Miguel Cotto is in good shape. Surely he will not allow Pacquiao to conquer his division to make a history because we all know that Pacman is targeting his championship belt for his seventh time champion in seven weight divisions.

Miguel Cotto knows he has to win and this maybe the turning point of his career and life. Speed vs power, speed for Pacquiao and power for Cotto, power is the key for this fight. I think Miguel Cotto will use his power punches for this fight to put Manny in trouble. Pacquiao can’t handle the size and power of Cotto. Pacquiao will train for eight weeks while Cotto is thirteen weeks. This is a conclusive evidence that Cotto will spend more time to sharpen his technique and to study Pacquiao's weaknesses. Cotto's training camp is utterly quiet. Maybe he wants to surprise everybody on November 14th. I think Cotto will to knock him out in early rounds. Pacquiao's chin will be put to the test. Cotto’s power can break his chin, without a doubt.

Source: LiveBoxingNews

On the other hand, Pacquiao's camp, fans and supporting are celebrating on the news regarding Pacman's inclusion to most influential men on AskMen plus the installation of the billboard in Hollywood making him the first Filipino who got a Billboard near Hollywood.

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