Pacquiao Practice in Luneta Before Flying to LA Tomorrow

Alex Ariza, conditioning expert of Manny PacquiaoThis morning, Manny Pacquiao did his usual morning workout/conditioning, fast pace jug in Luneta in Manila. He did his usual training in park in Manila to continue his program of condition for his upcoming fight against Miguel Cotto. This is after they've moved from Baguio to Manila due to the typhoon that hits the cool place. The said morning routine will be his last in the place prior to flying to US to continue his training there.

Pacquiao as per according to his trainers and conditioning expert said that the people's champ is in a perfect shape to face Cotto. Despite the disruptions and other things that happen during his training in the Philippines (like the typhoon and land slide in Baguio), Freddie Roach believes that Pacquiao is not affected by this and he will be 100% ready when the fight comes this November. The Pacman said that his fight is dedicated to all the victims of calamities in the Philippines.

Miguel Cotto is the first opponent of Pacquiao with 145 lbs weight, young and on his prime of his life. That's the reason why his camp believes that Cotto is going to be successful in grabbing the title of pound for pound king from Pacquiao. "Cotto is the first true welterweight that (Pacquiao) will have fought in his career. He is young and still in his prime so that is what Pacquiao is facing." - Santiago said from Cotto's training camp at the Fight Factory Gym in Tampa, Florida.

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