Margarito Mocking Pacquiao's Trainer Video

Its almost a day before the WBC fight Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito and it is sad that the issue on Margarito insulting (or maybe just making fun of) Freddie Roach by acting like how the latter move. As this hit the cyberspace, a lot of reacted against the tornado's actions. I found this video from Youtube showing Margarito with his coach having fun on the video.

Now in connection with this incident, during the press conference the other day, Antonio Margarito personally apologizes to Freddie Roach to his actions. The following video shows his statement during the press conference (guys its in Spanish, and I can't still find any sub for it yet. :) )

Hmmm... what's my reaction about this issue? I believe that this is just part of the promotional stunt to make "more fire" for the boxing event to make the fans to be more excited about the match and does it work? Hell, yeah! A lot of them wants him down!

How about you? What's your reaction about this?

More information about how to watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito here later.

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