“I’ll Have Him on KO, Round 1!” – Sugar Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane Mosley has strong hunches that he will definitely get a load of punches to shower Manny Pacquiao during their big fight on May 7. What’s worse is that, he declared that he will totally knock out the People’s Champ in the FIRST round live on MGM Grand. I think the two fighters are brimming up energy and stamina in order to defeat each other, and the bonus of a knockout is definitely one big motivation for Mosley and Pacquiao. In Mosley’s high-end boot and training camp in Big Bear California, with confidence, he splurged on the media’s attention, saying he’s surely going to knock the Filipino Champion once and for all. And even if he’s not specifying what round he’s going to lull Pacquiao into KO, catching him squarely on the chin in the first round will be a good, energizing start.

Long before May 7, I thought the two would be having a healthy competition, no heavy grudges or issues, or racist gestures volleying between them. But a month to go before the big face-off, these two legends certainly start to build up on strength and spirit to knock each other out. Especially Mosley, whom I thought was a good-natured fighter with a thundering velvet hand. What happened to not holding grudges and schemes and avoiding haughty banter? He seemed to have been infected by an over-confident disposition natural to most of the boxing champs. While Pacquiao certainly doesn’t mind being attacked egoistically by a champion, I just marvel at how he diverts his energy to helping keep his people in good track by being a member of the House of Representatives and recording albums. Now that’s what you call multi-tasking in magnified perspective.

A scintillating performance against Pacquiao before a crowd of roughly 17,000 at the MGM Grand? Maybe, maybe not. The 39-year old legend of the boxing ring is more than motivated and optimistic that he will have the world’s jaws drop on a historical performance. Despite his age, he’s been camping out on frigid, snow-capped mountain ranges in Southern Cali since early March, solid proof that he’s got high spirits to win.

Furthermore, Mosley also takes particular pride in the fact that Pacquiao has never faced a fighter like him: someone with a heavy hand and swift, intimidating moves. Pacquiao on the other hand remains to be quite a feisty fighter who fancies slugs at close range, making Mosley feel very much at home. So much for the Filipino hospitality, Pacquiao still has that spirit even if he’s up for a fight.

On one interview, Sugar Shane Mosley said with an air of confidence that a victory for him means to actually knock out the People’s Champ, not just getting a head start at earning points. It is definitely his goal to knock Manny out. Whatever it takes, the Pacquiao vs. Mosley on May 7 will be judgment day for the two Hall of Famers. Let’s just sit back, and see what happens then. Like they say, may the best boxer win!

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