Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Prediction - A Knockout or not!

We have seen the previous fights of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and its been disappointing specially if he didn't knock out his opponent. Its disappointing because we were conditioned by this man to see a bloody and total knockout performance for several matches. Now with this fight with Timothy Bradley, fans all over the world is asking if he will knock the light from this boxer and if it he will be showing a stunning performance that fans have missed already.

Who do you think will win Pacquiao vs. Bradley match on June 9? (leave comment below for your opinion)

I've seen how Manny Pacquiao fights and watch the fight highlights of Bradley vs. Alexander (see video below). If Bradley will be as careless and aggressive as he displayed it on his previous fight, he will definitely suffer the same fate that Hatton have suffered when he met Pacman on the ring. It will be a devastating lost that will surely destroy his confidence in fighting. If Bradley really wants to win, he should learn to be patient and wise against Manny.

However, Pacquiao is just too much for him. It will be a knock out on the earlier rounds, either on the 4th or 5th round.