Watch Cotto vs. Trout Fight Live or Replay Online

Cotto vs Trout fight on Dec 1

Before the great rivalry Pacquioa-Marquez 4 event on December, there will be another boxing event that everyone should watch out. That is the fight that involves, Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico and the undefeated American boxer, Austin Trout. The said fight will be a showcase of pound for pound fighters that is organized by the Golden Boy Promotions. Cotto vs. Trout will be held on December 1st this year at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Miguel Cotto will try to steal Austin Trout's WBA light middleweight belt. When the bout materialized, a lot of enthusiasts see Trout as the under dog despite his current champ belt. They see the Puerto Rican as a much experienced and stronger fighter than the the undisputed younger boxer.

Of course, guys like Trout will not allow this story without fighting back. He believes that this time in boxing history is his time to write his own name to the history timeline to be the one of the great pound for pound boxer. Meanwhile, Cotto as usual is silent and still got that strong look in his face determined to get his hands on the new belt.

If you want to watch Cotto vs. Trout fight online, you check the information here later. So be here on or before the first of December to check out the various resources to use to witness the event live or replay.

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