Why Pacquiao vs Cotto over Mosley?

Why do you think that Manny Pacquiao preferred Miguel Cotto over Shane Mosley regarding his upcoming fight? Well, Bob Arum states some reasons and facts that is enough for Pacquiao to choose Cotto rather than Mosley. Here's some of the reasons:
  1. Cotto is more popular than Mosley;
  2. Cotto is good at Pay-per-View. He convincingly make Puerto Ricans from US to buy PPV to watch his fights. This means more earning for both parties. In other words, there's more "gold" on Pacquiao vs Cotto;
  3. He is more likely to agree in a smaller share or split in earning;
  4. Mosley alleged that Arum is blocking him to fight against the People's champ.
  5. Cotto won over Mosley on their previous fight.
What do you think, is Cotto really worth the match up or is Mosley got a point on insiting himself fighting Pacman?

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