Pacquiao Starts his 8 Weeks Training

Today, Pacquiao fly to Baguio with his private plane to start his 8 weeks training as per preparation to the Pacquiao vs. Cotto event this coming November 14. Pacquiao believes and still use this same method as he usually use even his past fights. His camp believes that this 8 weeks training is enough for him to prove to Cotto and the world that he will be back in shape and will surely grab the belt from the Puerto Rican boxer.

Pacquiao also commented on the recently concluded match of Mayweather and Marquez. He praised how the undefeated Mayweather fight against Marquez. But he doesn't comment yet regarding his interest on fighting him later.

Regarding the training, he will transfer to US in mid October to continue the 8 weeks program.

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