"Cotto Is a Clever Fighter" - Roach

In an interview with Telegraph, Freddie Roach, the known scientific trainer of the Filipino champ, Manny Pacquiao, said that Miguel Cotto is really a clever fighter and will surely give the Pacman a hard time. "Cotto brings a lot more to the table than Mayweather because he will engage, he will fight, whereas Mayweather tends only to fight from distance. Cotto is much more clever than people give him credit for. But in this sport, if you don't take chances, you don’t knock people out. Cotto will fight. I imagine by fight time he gets into the ring on Nov 14, he will be 160 lbs. We will be about 149lbs. But speed will win in the fight; not power," he said when asked about comparing Cotto's fighting style with Floyd Mayweather.

With this interview, you will see how the camp of Pacquiao are ready for the big night and everyone of us, fans and boxing analysts are waiting for the time that things makes happen. All the questions like "Will Cotto be stripped by his WBO welterweight title?" or "Will Pacquiao's P4P throne will be dethroned by Cotto?" We'll see later!

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