Cotto's Power vs. Pacquiao's Speed

Why I find Cotto vs. Pacquiao to be a very interesting fight? It is because, it shows the clash of power and speed in one boxing event. Actually I don't think of the undercards anymore. I just want the main event to happen. Miguel Cotto is known to have a power puncher because in every punches that he made he always bring along his body (which I think a disadvantage for him not an advantage, that my opinion) while Manny Pacquiao, despite to be known to have strong punches during his previous fights, he is more popular with his speed.

The boxing show of November 14 in Las Vegas will surely build some great woah, hooray and yehey as the two gloves of the two fighters collides and one body will kiss the canvass. The question who will be that be is to be answered on the fight night. So don't miss it, you can try to watch it here.

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