Pepeng Can't Stop Pacquiao's Training

Despite the Typhoon Pepeng (international codename: Parma) that hits the Philippines that right came after Typhoon Ondoy (codename: Ketsana) hits the part of the country where the People Champ, Manny Pacquiao is training, this doesn't stop him from fiercely showing his powers during a closed door sparring in Baguio City. Porter, his sparring partner was seems to be battered during their heated sparring this weekend. I thought he rested for a while because of the typhoon but I was wrong. Report of GMA News said and stated the following statement of Freddie Roach regarding the training:
"He was more focused today," said Roach, who just the other day denounced his famous ward for having too many activities outside of training camp.

"There’s no more distraction and I like what he showed in our training today. He'll get better as time goes on." - Freddie Roach, source:
This shows that Pacquiao doesn't really lost his passion and seriousness in fighting. Cotto be ready for the "rain of punches" on your fight on November 14. :)

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