"Start Fast, End Stronger" - Roach for Pacman

All of the plans to beat Cotto by Pacquiao are all set as his long time trainer, Freddie Roach said to media. It is summarize by Roach as to "start fast and end stronger" which means not allowing the Puerto Rico to gain momentum and they planned to knock out him on the earlier round. Pacquiao is now training in Roach sweat gym and will be spending their for a week before they will transfer to Las Vegas for the final week of conditioning and training. On the other hand, Cotto's camp said that this Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight will be the "great upset" for the other side.

The fight is really exciting as the tickets are sold out and fans around the globe are awaiting for the final day. Here in this blog, will give you a blow by blow account, from the weigh-in to the last ring of the bell with results. Be back for more Pacquiao vs. Cotto update and please cast your vote on the poll on the side or leave your comments below for your predictions or bet on who's gonna win!

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