Pacquiao vs. Cotto - A Possible Rematch

There's a BIG possibility that Pacquiao vs. Cotto part 2 will happen this year for Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao. This is what Pacquiao's promoter have announced lately when they've given a final week for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to decide if Mayweather vs Pacquiao match will be inked by the undefeated American boxer. However, it seems that Mayweather sticks to what he have said in an interview that he take a year rest before he fights again. This is the reason that Bob Arum is eying for either Antonio Margarito or a rematch for Miguel Cotto on November 2010.

If you can remember, Miguel Cotto was beaten by Manny Pacquiao in a 12 round TKO last year of November and a rematch can be a good fight to watch as Cotto might be ready for the pound for pound king after he have beaten the undefeated Yuri Foreman and grab the WBA Light Middleweight title from the champion. Making him to recover from his previous loses against Pacquiao and Margarito.

Well, let's just see what will happen this week. If Mayweather refuse to fight again and makes any reasons or whatsoever, it doesn't matter. There's still Cotto and Margarito in line but of course it will be more exciting if Floyd will be fighting.

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