Who Will Win This Match, Pacquiao or Mosley? (Poll / Survey Analysis)

Freddie Roach analyzed that Shane Mosley will be finished and will be Koed by Manny Pacquiao on the 6th rounds while Shane Mosley said that he will surely bruised the favorite champion boxer on the early rounds and will make him to retire on the 7th. Each camp of this two colliding forces are saying that they will win but who do you think will really win on this match.

Based on the survey/poll that I have presented here on WatchPacquiao.com site (which can be found on the sidebar of this site), 70.19% of the follower of this fight believe that Manny Pacquiao will win via knock out while 8.21% of them predict that its Mosley that will dominate of this match. Meanwhile, 18.57% of them believe that the WBC Welterweight championship event will last up to 12 rounds but it will be the Filipino’s advantage and will win via split or unanimous decision. Only 1.73% believes that the American boxer can take points to get a victory.

Finally only 1.3% of this boxing enthusiasts believe that there’s a possibility of technical draw in the end.

Based on what I have experienced on previous matches of Manny Pacquiao, all the poll results were correct. I guess it will be the same too as same as what had happened previously.

Now if you weren’t able to cast your vote yet, just select your choice from the poll on the sidebar. Thanks to PollDaddy, it provided a free way for me to implement the poll survey.

- WatchPacquiao.com

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