Watch Mayweather vs. Cotto 24/7 Episode 1 - Ring Kings!

I guess you are excited already with the highly anticipated fight of the year dubbed as the Ring Kings Mayweather vs. Cotto and featured the undisputed, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the great boxer from Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto. As part of the promotions and information dissemination for the upcoming fight, HBO as they usually do, produce a sports documentary series that features the behind the scenes of the training of Mayweather and Cotto. It features how the boxers struggles, faces triumph and even failures and problems.

The said HBO 24/7 series is a four part series that will air every Saturday this April 2012 prior to the big fight on May 5, and beginning April 14, 2012, the first episode will air and I am so lucky enough that I find a video replay of this episode via Youtube. I am really glad to share it to you so without further chit chat, the following shows the replay of the video. If this does not work anymore, I did find some links from too which you might want to see.

If you enjoy watching HBO Mayweather/Cotto 24/7 episode 1 then you will definitely gonna love the Mayweather vs. Cotto on May 5 so watch out!!!

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