Is Pacquiao vs. Bradley Face Off Video Reveals a Boring Fight?

I have been following the fights of Manny Pacquiao since he started and been seeing the fire in his eyes in every fight he have. He demolished his opponents with great "will to win" but lately things become very different. He doesn't fight that aggressively but still manage to win. He makes the fight to stay longer and shows how he can control the fight. With the unsuccessful Mayweather vs. Pacquiao negotiation, Timothy Bradley's name came as his next opponent. My first impression of Pacquiao vs. Bradley was it will be a bad match up and the Filipino pound for pound fighter will surely destroy this young boxer. However, the face off reveals how intensity is the desire of Timothy Bradley to defeat the pound for pound fighter. He assures that Manny's strength can't destroy his wall. Famous boxing blogs and websites reacted on this face off and stated that this HBO face off video with Max Kellerman reveals how the fight will be very boring fight. Watch the video below that shows the said face off video.
Honestly, my first impression of the fight didn't change. I think Mayweather vs. Cotto fight will be much better, in undercard matches, explosive main card, and in pay per view (PPV). What do you think, will this fight will be interesting?