Is Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Can Live Up to Mayweather vs. Cotto Bout?

Well, we have seen how really explosive the fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto last May 5, 2012 and it left us a question now if the next big fight to expect can take on and live up to this great boxing entertainment. I am referring to the June 9 bout featuring the Filipino boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

Boxing analysts around the globe thinks that  Pacquiao is too much for the undefeated fighter, Bradley. Despite his 28-0-1 unblemished record, still he doesn't have enough experience fighting boxers with the same caliber of the Filipino champ. It will be a difficult fight for him and an experience for him to remember.

Personally, I feel that the Mayweather vs. Cotto is much better than the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight. It seems that it is really difficult to find someone right now to match up with Pacman. People are getting tired of seeing him fighting Marquez and now he can't go higher than 145 pounds so there's no chance that he can find Cotto for Cotto will not fight lower than his current weight.

Well let see if the June 9 boxing event will give us boxing enthusiasts a great talk to discuss in forums and blogs. Why they just can't make the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather to happen? It is the best match up ever compare to this matches that mentioned here.