Pacquiao All Set to Face Marquez this Saturday!

It is less than a week before the big Pacquiao vs Marquez rematch of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez and both fighters have spent weeks of training to prepare for their highly anticipated 4th rematch. The pressure is on for both boxers as each one wants a piece of each other during this MGM event.

Marquez wants to prove his claim that he is always the winner of all the fights that he have against the Filipino champ. A claim that he should be proven in front of various boxing analysts, fans and watchers that have looking down on him because of his "losers attitude." It is a great opportunity for him to get the triumph that he thinks he deserves.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao is always countering this claim and the pressure to him is he should make sure that Marquez should be beaten convincingly via a knock out or a clear point advantage to make his Mexican opponent fold his card and forget about his winning claims.

Pacquiao versus Marquez 4 is a non-titled fight but it seems that these boxers are fighting more than a title or a belt. They are fighting for their honor - both for themselves, fans and for their country.

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